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Product Description

VAC Innovation’s three-part, through-bag vacuum connector with 50mm diameter base plate (75mm diameter also available) and fitted with ¼” BSPP brass male vacuum plug (with viton seals).

VACconnector3P consists of a course-threaded one-piece aluminium body / base unit; a high temperature silicone washer; an aluminium sealing ring and a round steel locking nut. The washer is retained on the upper surface of base section. The aluminium unit is placed on top of the breather fabric and under the bagging film.

A hole approx 25mm (1″) diameter is cut into the bagging film and the film is laid down over the unit. The sealing ring drops over the unit and onto the bagging film. The steel locking nut is screwed onto the course thread, tightening the sealing ring onto the bagging film.

(Available with a stainless steel plug in lieu of brass if required)

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VACconnector3P+Plug B

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